Quipfire! Improv Comedy Mission Statement


Quipfire! aims to create improv comedy with a foundation of fun, support, professionalism, passion and love in the way we treat each other as a family and in the scenes we perform together on and offstage.

As members and improvisers together, we understand that in order to practice risk and rigor in our work, we must back it up with safety and accountability.

This means that trusting one another and feeling safe, comfortable, and secure go hand in hand with creating quality improv together.

As members of Quipfire!, we commit ourselves to having fun and working hard on and offstage. We recognize that the risks we take in our improv should always be supported by our fellow members. We will always have each other’s backs and not allow circumstances to reach a point that denies the pure enjoyment of Quipfire! improv comedy. When these values are reflected among us, our work is at its best.

This is a living, breathing document, and can be amended at any point to reflect the values of the group.

Last Updated by Quipfire! on April 4th, 2019