Established in 1992, Quipfire! is Princeton University’s first and finest improv group. We thrill audiences with our unique blend of rapid-fire shortform games and anything-goes longform styles––entirely made up from beginning to end––filling the house and then bringing it down in over 20 shows every year. We take our show on the road in our annual tour, performing everywhere from New York to Los Angeles to Hawaii. Many of our alumni go on to be professional improvisors, actors, and writers who then return to improvise with us during Princeton Reunions.

Quipfire! takes improv seriously, and our shows are seriously funny. But more than the jokes, the games, and the punchlines, we pride ourselves on being a small, tight-knit group of best friends who improvise together. If what we do looks like fun––and it is––you should join us!

To me, “yes, and” means don’t be afraid to contribute. Always make sure you’re adding something to the discussion. Your initiations are worthwhile.
— Tina Fey, not a member of Quipfire! Improv Comedy

Notable Moments

  • 1992 - Founded by the funniest weirdos this side of Lake Carnegie

  • 1993 - First official shows at Theatre Intime, April 29th-May 1st

  • 1995 - Quipfire! brings Yale's Purple Crayon to campus for a legendary night of improv comedy

  • 2002 - Quipfire! celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a set of shows at Theatre Intime

  • 2006 - The CORN! Video is made, and becomes part of a long tradition of madcap adventures over tour

  • 2014 - Quipfire! places 2nd in the National College Improv Competition in Chicago

  • 2017 - Reunions bring Quipfire! young and old together to celebrate the group's 25th Anniversary